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Elior Zion

Elior Zion

(929) 442-8826
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About the owner Elior Zion:

As a devoted professional part time airline pilot and a full-time real estate agent, Elior is known to be a multi-tasker and utilizes this skill every day. Having to work with individuals in the air and on the ground, he provides the best service to each client by giving his undivided attention. He feels that in order to be fully satisfied service should be personalized differently for each individual to have their dreams and visions become a reality. 

Along with this, Elior enjoys the buzz of the city life while knowing the balance of suburbian lifestyle having been a resident in both areas of Massachusetts with his wife. Prior to Boston he has lived in Miami Florida where he was able to observe the real estate market and serve other customers from before for luxury lifestyle living. This experience has shown him that every city is beautiful and special in its own way.

His favorite part about Boston is the vibrant multi-cultural diversity surrounding him on a daily basis in this city.

For him it is essential to provide an exceptional service because the mission is to land YOU your perfect home as it is to land every flight. This means providing services that go above and beyond an everyday agent.

Why EZ real estate is right for you? 

EZ real estate group stands out because our mission is to serve you the client in the best way that you deserve with exclusive and luxurious options to make your experience unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time home buyer, or an experienced investor. We have the perfect tools to better serve your interests and to assure your satisfaction. The most important part is your vision of the home and we will serve that to you. 

Desirable areas in Boston include Back Bay, South End, Brookline, and Cambridge based on prior clientele intake. EZ Real Estate serves all of Boston and surrounding Massachusetts areas giving an ample amount of options. There are many wonderful homes in this competitive market, and we look forward to getting you started on this journey!

 The mission:

We want to provide individuals with the “The American Dream” concept. This can be reached through home ownership, real estate wealth building, and real estate investments. We help break through barriers and want your transition to be as smooth as possible. 

Along with this we proudly handle any type of real estate transaction to better serve our client’s best interests as if it is our own. The client’s satisfaction is the most important thing on our mind during the process and we want to make your dream come true.